We know that people of color are vastly underrepresented in the tech sector; one recent stat shows that the number of black women in the industry has declined 13% since 2007 despite diversity initiatives aimed at hiring more underrepresented minorities in tech.

The two-year-old nonprofit organization /dev/color, founded by former Pinterest engineer Makinde Adeagbo, has been working to change those numbers by providing mentors, networking, and help with setting goals. Now the organization is launching a guild that brings together workers from 14 tech companies including Airbnb, Asana, Capital One, Clover, GitHub, Google, Pinterest, Quip, Reddit, Remix, Sequoia, Square, Twitter, and Uber.

Members will meet regularly for roundtable discussions to share challenges and best practices on a variety of workplace issues, such as how engineering and diversity teams can work better together. Additionally, Adeagbo says that the guild will host dinners to bring together engineering leaders from these member companies along with senior members of /dev/color to work through the unique challenges that face black software engineers.LD