The battle for net neutrality is ramping into high gear, as we anticipate an FCC vote on December 14 to either confirm or reject Chairman Pai’s draft order to undermine the 2015 Open Internet Order. With the future of the Internet, its capacity to continue fostering innovation, and freedom of expression online hanging in the balance, EFF encourages Internet users to speak out–both online and in the streets–to defend net neutrality.

Remote actions

You can can help defend net neutrality, wherever you’re located. We’ve set up tools to enable users to both email and call your Members of Congress, who will have an important role to play, especially if the FCC chooses to undermine innovation and freedom of expression by allowing ISPs to discriminate among their customers.

We’ve also suggested further opportunities to raise your voice both in communications with your representatives and in public, where your voice can carry an even greater impact. Finally, EFF is part of the Battle for the Net coalition, which is hosting an online petition and promoting further actions offline.

In-person actions

After you’ve taken action online, consider participating in any of the many actions planned around the country to champion the chance for anyone to access the Internet on equal terms.

On Thursday, December 7, responding to the company’s role in undermining user rights, allies are organizing protests at dozens of Verizon stores from coast-to-coast. An interactive map includes protest sites, as well as confirmed visits to congressional offices to amplify the message that Internet users want the right…

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