The National Broadband Network (NBN) company has launched a virtual network-network interface (NNI) product allowing retail service providers to access all 121 points of interconnect (POIs) without needing to physically connect.

The NNI link offering will expand the footprints of the smaller RSPs that have less infrastructure, providing the ability to acquire connectivity virtual circuit (CVC) and access virtual circuit (AVC) capacity despite not physically connecting to those POIs.

“The NNI link product, in concert with backhaul products from wholesale providers, offers a quick and easy way for retailers to increase their footprint,” NBN GM of New Business and Innovation Streicher Louw said. “Being able to buy AVC and CVC directly from NBN Co gives retailers access to the latest pricing bundles and direct access to NBN Co for support.”

According to Louw, the NNI link product was “proposed by our customers”, and then developed and launched within nine months after consultation with the telco industry.

“NNI link makes it easier than ever for retail service provider to offer an improved customer experience and co-developing NNI link strengthened our partnership with RSPs through collaborative product development and open innovation,” Louw said.

NBN had announced earlier this week that it has now connected 4 million premises, with 6.8 million ready to connect.

A blog post by NBN CTO Ray Owen on Friday, meanwhile, said the company is measuring and analysing data usage daily.

“We look at these usage patterns not only…