The National Broadband Network (NBN) company will be launching its new wholesale pricing options next month after several months of consulting with industry, in an effort to enable retail service providers (RSPs) to sell higher-speed plans while reducing congestion.

According to NBN, since offering discounts over its 50/20Mbps speed tier, more than 1 million premises have upgraded their speed. Around 37 percent of end users are now on the 50/20Mbps speed tier, up from just 16 percent in December.

“Three months ago, we had less than one in 15 users connected to our ‘sweet spot’ wholesale 50Mbps plans. Today, we have more than one in four signed up to them for better value than what they would have previously been paying,” NBN chief customer officer of Residential Brad Whitcomb said.

“Our work with industry continues to deliver a world-class network performance as the average network bandwidth congestion per Australian home is consistently sitting below 30 minutes per week compared with more than six hours per week this time last year.”

The average congestion period is now 18 minutes per week, NBN added, down from almost seven hours this time last year.

Across its fixed-line network — made up of fibre to the premises, fibre to the node, fibre to the basement, fibre to the curb, and hybrid fibre-coaxial — just 0.068 percent of premises have experienced network congestion, down from 0.370 percent in March last year.

However, network availability was down from 100 percent this time last year to 99.93 percent in March, and faults are…