We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share their worst financial decisions. As college is one of the biggest investments a person makes (the average student debt in the US is more than $32,000), it’s not entirely surprising that many of the responses involved school — taking out large student loans, choosing the wrong program, or not understanding the financial aid process. Others told stories about ex-partners, cars, and credit cars. One person even admitted that while he loves his wife, he regrets marrying someone with so much debt.

Experiences like these hurt, and they’re hard to talk about. We asked readers to open up about their mistakes so that, hopefully, you can learn from them.

Here are 36 big financial decisions people say they regretted.


Her loans are pretty much ruining our lives.

I married someone with a lot of student loan debt. Don’t get me wrong, I love my wife more than anything in this whole world, but had I known the negative effect her loans would have on our life, I may have done things differently. Her loans are pretty much ruining our lives. They have made it so we basically can’t do anything, even though we both make good money. There are no vacations, no new clothes, no new vehicles, no savings account, no retirement accounts, struggles every month and especially around the holidays, when we can’t afford to buy our families presents. Every…