Like many USB-C users, I’ve been waiting for an all-in-one battery that could refuel my laptop, tablet, phone, and accessories on the go. Mophie’s just-released $200 PowerStation AC is the first to offer such capability, thanks to its rare inclusion of three different ports that guarantee it can charge any device you own.

PowerStation AC’s key differentiator is in its name: It’s an AC outlet. Promising up to 100W output, this rubber-capped three-pronged outlet is GFCI-certified and fast: It took my 13-inch MacBook with Touch Bar from 0 percent power to 100 percent in two hours, making it as fast as a wall recharge, with only one caveat — in addition to the battery, I needed to carry the power supply that came with my laptop. That lone feat was enough to fully drain the PowerStation, such that its USB-C and USB-A ports wouldn’t offer a drop of juice to other devices after completely refueling the laptop.

By comparison, PowerStation AC’s lone USB-C port is, like USB-C ports in most rival batteries today, capped at a lower speed. It’s certified for USB-C PD (Power Demand) at 30W, which means that it can refuel a USB-C laptop or tablet, albeit less efficiently and more slowly than a typical laptop charger. After several hours, a fully charged PowerStation AC’s USB-C port was able to bring my MacBook Pro from 0 percent to 96 percent, but wouldn’t go further.

The USB-A port with a self-supplied Lightning cable was able to bring a 10.5-inch iPad Pro from dead (2 percent) back to 34 percent before the battery stopped responding. The USB-A port is rated for 12W/2.4A output, the fastest…