The most popular device in the world nowadays is “Mobile.”There are various kinds of mobiles available in the market.This article is about the latest exceptional Mobile phone.

Cicret Bracelet Mobile phone:

It is an incredible cell phone.This smartphone looks like a bracelet, which is a cell phone.A question may rise to your mind about the display and keyboard of this mobile.I will describe it to you how it works.

mobile phone

Its workings is almost like miniprojector.When you wear this Cicret Bracelet, your hand’s skin will become a mobile display.The advantage of this mobile phone is that it is waterproof.You can use it in the bathtub while taking a shower.

Light phone or Anti smartphone:

It is not a smartphone.Light phone or anti smartphone is so thin that it can easily fit into your money bag.The disadvantage of this phone is that it is anti-smart because it does not support internet browser, MMS and other facilities of a smartphone.


Nokia 888 (For the future):


Nokia 888 is a remarkable phone.It will soon come on the market.This phone also performs like a bracelet.It supports all the latest technology.This phone is user-friendly.It is flexible that it can bend at any time.You can keep it in your pocket like a pen.Or wear it like a watch. You can carry this mobile in any form.You can roll it.You can bend it.Put on your clothes like a clip.When you want to talk to someone on the phone, its body turns into the form of good old telephone.Soit fits you the best.As it senses your moves, you can name it to your electrical pet.Its shape will be like a heart or a small dance.It will be the ideal phone for the young consumers.Who, are active and participate in many different activities.


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