Humans aren’t the only ones flipping burgers anymore  — and that goes for the short-order cooks at sports stadiums, too. Miso Robotics today announced that Flippy, a restaurant robot designed to prep food alongside human workers, will work the frying stations behind a food stand in Dodgers Stadium, the Los Angeles home of the Dodgers Major League Baseball team.

Flippy, which was piloted at a CaliBurger location in Pasadena, California earlier this year — where it serves up to 300 burgers an hour  — will prepare fried chicken and tater tots with the help of Miso AI, Miso Robotics’ eponymous artificial intelligence platform. Leveraging a combination of lasers, cameras, and thermal scanners, it’ll monitor the cooking process across the fryer, alerting nearby human coworkers when an order is ready to be served.

“Adapting Flippy into a fryer assistant … has been a great opportunity to demonstrate the scale of Miso’s platform,” Miso Robotics CEO David Zito said. “[T]his technology [is] a win-win — improving working conditions for stadium employees and improving the game experience for fans.”

Discussions with Dodgers Stadium began in February, when Miso Robotics entered into a strategic partnership with Chicago-based entertainment and hospitality group Levy, with the goal of launching Flippy in new venues. The automation startup partnered with E15, a Levy subsidiary focused on advanced analytics services for sports, hospitality, and retail groups, to set the robot up for concession stand success.

“We’re just beginning to demonstrate the power of bringing software and AI…