Microsoft’s UWP platform contains some very interesting capabilities that are starting to power new Windows 10 features. One of these, codenamed Project Rome, is a set of tools for sharing data and files between devices. It’s already powering the cross-platform Timeline features in current production builds, along with Windows 10’s Nearby Sharing tools.

If you’re using Edge on Android or iOS, and you’re logged in to the same Microsoft Account on your PC, your history now syncs to your PCs. That history, along with your opened Office documents is now part of the Windows Task Switcher, letting you scroll through what you’ve done as well as what you’re doing. Using Project Rome’s APIs it’s easy to extend your files and applications to all your devices, with just a few lines of code.

BUILD 2018 saw Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore unveil a new Project Rome-based tool, Your Phone. Intended to bring your phone experience to your PC, it would mirror notifications and let you send and read SMS messages, as well as giving you direct access to files and applications. Much of that planned functionality will only work on Android, due to iOS security settings, but the idea of a way of working with your phone without losing the context of your PC makes a lot of sense. Instead of being distracted by Candy Crush when you pick up a phone to read a text, you’ll see a notification in the Action Center and can read and answer from the Your Phone app.

That’s the plan. Now it’s time for the reality.

Your Phone lets you share the latest 25 pictures on your Android phone with your PC.