Microsoft is evaluating how data it gathers about people who use Bing and its Edge browser could improve its suite of business applications, including its customer relationship management, marketing, and service software.

It’s part of the expansive plans Microsoft has for its suite of business applications, according to James Phillips, VP in charge of Microsoft’s Business Applications Group. The company doesn’t have concrete plans for what data it will use (or how it will be made available to customers), but Phillips sees an opportunity to set Microsoft apart from other players in the market because of the range of products it operates.

He said one of Microsoft’s key advantages is that it can help businesses understand their customers by tapping into a massive treasure trove of proprietary information it has amassed through products used by millions of people.

“I watch every single Microsoft Edge interaction,” Phillips said in an interview with VentureBeat. “I watch every search, I watch everything that goes through sort of the navigation text box. We watch every search that happens on Bing, which is a lot, as it turns out, and statistically significant. And we’re able to in many ways build profiles that provide us with demographic, psychographic, interest, and intent categorization of these people who you want to sell to, or you want to do a better job of engaging.”

That ability to gather information on customers’ behavior across a wide range of properties doesn’t directly translate to new features right now. Phillips said that Microsoft’s plans in that arena are still…