Publisher news aggregated on
Publisher news aggregated on

Microsoft announced today that it’s news aggregation service that powers MSN has been rebranded as Microsoft News. This engine is used to display a list of curated news stories gathered from more than a thousand publishers, which is then aggregated in their MSN news feeds and in their Microsoft News app for Android and iOS.

According to Microsoft, more than 100,000 pieces of content are submitted to the Microsoft News engine, which is then processed by AI to determine the contents freshness, category, topic type, photos to pair with the content, and potential popularity. This content is then given to the Microsoft News editors who curate the stories that they feel should be promoted in the Microsoft News feed.

“This curation process is global, using editors with local expertise. Today, there are more than 800 editors working from 50 locations around the world – including editorial newsrooms serving multiple regions in India, Germany, France, Mexico, Canada and Spain,” said Rob Bennett, Editor in Chief of Microsoft News, in an announcement. “Many of our editors have extensive backgrounds in media and journalism and have worked at a variety of news organizations including The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, Globe and Mail, Newsday,, Seattle Times, Asahi Shimbun and Associated Press.”

New Microsoft News app released

As part of this announcement, Microsoft has also released an updated iOS and Android app called Microsoft News. Like MSN, this app will aggregate news from around the Internet and directly from Microsoft’s publisher partners.

Microsoft News app