Microsoft outlook dark mode

It is too early to declare the year 2018 as the year of the dark. However, it is a trend nowadays.

Apple first delighted mac operating system users in June when Apple announced dark mode as a flagship feature in the upcoming macOS Mojave.

Now its time that Microsoft is rolling out a dark mode to all the users.

Microsoft put the panels easy to tell by using different shades of gray. Suppose a user faces difficulty in reading dark mode. The user does not have to go back to settings and switch it off. The drop-down menu in the message gives the option to “Turn on the Lights.”This will switch the view to normal mode, remember this change will appear only for that message.

Microsoft Outlook dark mode

With the selective lights -on function. The dark mode by Microsoft brings some welcome customization to the feature.

It supports that not all emails look the same. There might be some with dark colors that are hard to read.

Dark mode’s one best  and cool  advantage is that it is easier for some users to read.

If you wish to get in dark mode. You can easily do it by enabling it in the setting menu and changing the dark mode to “on.”

Previous outlook updates are rolling out to users today. That includes Skype integration and an enhanced search field. In back these features were available in beta testing.

It is also predicted that Microsoft’s design team will replicate it for the rest of Office365 by bringing dark mode to Word, Excel, PowerPoint and much  more.


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