Microsoft today unveiled its latest vision for a mixed reality (MR) world with the launch of SharePoint Spaces, a feature that allows companies to create immersive worlds for viewing data and documents within SharePoint.

The reveal was made on-stage by Microsoft’s corporate vice president Jeff Teper, who was speaking at the SharePoint Conference North America, held in Las Vegas on May 21-23, 2018.

SharePoint, for the uninitiated, is an intranet-like suite of storage, collaboration, and content management tools for businesses. Microsoft revealed that 400,000 organizations now use SharePoint, roughly 100 percent up on the same period last year.

Microsoft has been investing heavily in various mixed reality technologies and programs, and at its annual Build developers event this month, the company unveiled two new mixed reality apps for its HoloLens headset, specifically for firstline workers. Now, Microsoft is looking to mainstream mixed reality in the workplace via SharePoint.

Mixed reality at work

With SharePoint Spaces, SharePoint users can create and view mixed reality spaces through any device or browser. So rather than having to rely on a traditional screen with mouse and keyboard inputs, users can slip on a headset to visualize information, with support from motion controllers, and interact with content from multiple angles. It won’t require headsets, however, as it will be viewable through a standard web interface on desktop computers and mobile phones.

Above: SharePoint Spaces

Microsoft cited a number of example use cases for SharePoint Spaces, including employee inductions whereby new…