In addition to the all the Azure news and Continue on PC updates, Microsoft naturally announced a slew of developer tools at Build 2018. The updates encompassed Visual Studio, .NET, Sets in Windows 10, Fluent Design, Microsoft Teams, Power BI, Excel, and Outlook, among others.

Separately, Microsoft committed to more revenue to developers for consumer apps in the Microsoft Store, excluding games. Apps sold in Microsoft Store will give developers 95 percent of the revenue earned purchasing the app or any in-app purchases, while the revenue share will be 85 percent for cases where Microsoft delivers a customer to the developer. Previously, developers received 70 percent of the revenue. This new fee structure is applicable to purchases made on Windows 10 PCs, Windows Mixed Reality, Windows Phone, and Surface Hub devices, but excludes purchases on Xbox consoles.

Unlike last year, where the big headline story was Visual Studio for Mac, Microsoft doesn’t have a major unveiling across all its various developer tools. The company did, however, highlight a Stack Overflow survey that found Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code are the top two most popular developer tools. It really wouldn’t be a Build conference without something to say about Visual Studio.

Visual Studio previews

Microsoft launched two Visual Studio previews today: IntelliCode and Live Share. Both are optional, though they are likely to be integrated into Visual Studio once they launch out of preview.

Visual Studio IntelliCode is an extension that uses AI to help with everyday software development. The IntelliCode preview offers…