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Windows PCs with multi-day battery life soon may no longer be just a pipe dream.

A year ago, Microsoft announced it was working with its PC partners to bring Windows 10 to Qualcomm’s ARM processors. The resulting machines, part of the “Always Connected PC” ecosystem, would start rolling out before the end of calendar 2017, officials said.

Today, Dec. 5, Microsoft provided a progress report on Windows on ARM at Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Tech Summit. Microsoft and PC makers Asus and HP showed off new PCs running Windows 10 on Snapdragon 835 at the event.

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Asus’ NovoGo will begin shipping at least in quantities before year-end, I’ve heard. Models with 4GB of RAM and 16GB of storage will be available starting at $599, and 8GB/256GB storage model at $799, Asus officials said today. Asus is claiming 22 hours of continuous video playback and 30 days of standby.

HP’s Envy x2 — like most of the ARM-based Always Connected Windows 10 devices — won’t be available until spring 2018. Users can get up to 20 hours of active use and 700 hours of “Connected Modern Standby.” Pricing is not yet available.


(Image: Qualcomm)

Microsoft is providing OEMs with a version of its Windows 10 S operating system that works natively on ARM. It also is providing emulation technology so that Win32 apps to also work on…

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