Video: HoloLens Demo at Microsoft Build 2017

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VR and AR: The Business Reality

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are going to be useful for far more than just gaming. We explore the ways the technology will be used for training, marketing, product design, and much more.

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It’s been two years since Microsoft released the $3,000 Developer Edition of the HoloLens, the coolest and most innovative device, if not product, it has ever produced. While the product is still in its infancy –as opposed to the less immersive but far less expensive and more ubiquitous smartphone-based implementations of augmented reality — Microsoft has repeatedly endeavored to show how HoloLens can make the commercial jump from whimsical tech to worthwhile tool.

The encouraging news from Microsoft is that HoloLens use cases have come a long way from the flashy Cirque du Soleil proof of concept it showed off at last year’s Build event, The most compelling uses of the technology were in high-stakes industrial settings in which the pricey headsets can easily justify…