Meta description is a piece of up to 155 characters that we see in the search engine description of any post. A tag in HTML-which is a summary of the post. So optimization of the meta description is critical for SEO.

What is the work of  Meta description?

The meta description is HTML tag, which is like the HTML code for the page:

<meta name="description" content="A page's description, 
  normally one or two sentences."/>

The prospect of a meta description for your page is simple: to get someone searching on Google to click your link.

According to the search engines, there is no benefit from the meta description in ranking. They do not use meta description in their ranking formula. However, there is an indirect benefit.

The more users hit on your result, then they would hope-based on your position to go up the ranks. That is why meta description optimization is really important.

Characteristics of a good meta description

Almost every article on meta descriptions will include some of these, but we have combined all that makes sense to us to come up with this list.

  1. It can be up to 155 characters 
    There is no ‘exact number’ of characters here because your description may be small depending on what Google adds to your search result. Google may add the date to an article, which reduces the number of available characters.
  2. It should be actionable.It should be written in an active voice.
  3. It should include a call-to-action.
    “Hey guys, we have such and such great new product, and you want it. Read out for  more!” Go for free.So,such  words are good to use.
  4. It could contain structured content.
    For example, if you have a product for the tech-savvy, focussing on the technical specifications of the product could be a good idea
  5. It should match the content.
    Your meta description should match the content of the post as well.
  6. It should contain the focus keyword.
  7. The meta description should be unique.