Can’t find your cup board keys? Forget where you have kept your documents?Can not remember people name?It is not happening with you only.Everyone forgets things.Although memory loss should not be taken lightly.

Some activities might help memory loss.Follow these simple ways to sharpen your memory:

1. Keep YourSelf  Mentally Active:

 As physical activity keep your body in shape, Mentally activities help keep your brain active.For that play puzzles, play board games.Learn to play musical instruments like piano.

2. Be Social:

Social interaction takes off your stress and depression.Stress and depression both contribute a lot to memory loss.Find opportunities to get together. It could be with your friends, relatives .Especially if you are living alone.

3. Get organized:

It is possible to forget things if your home is not organized.Make a diary in which you write your critical tasks, events, and reminders.Make a to -do list and check off the item that you have accomplished.Make a separate place for your keys, wallets, and other essentials.

4. Sleep Well:

 Sleep plays a vital role to keep your memory good.So try to get good sleep.Best sleep is seven to nine hours a day.

5. Eat a Healthy Diet:

 Healthy eating is essential for memory as well.Eat fruits, nuts, vegetables.Select low-fat proteins resources for example fish, lean meat, and skinless poultry.Your drinks play a significant role too.Too much intake of alcohol may lead to memory loss.

6. Include Physical Activity In Your Daily Routine:

 Physical activity increases the flow of blood, including your brain.Physical activity also keeps your memory sharp. It might help keep your mind sharp.Daily do a brisk walk or jogging for at least 3o minutes to keep your memory right.

7. Manage Chronic Conditions:

 Go for your medical exam if you have constant conditions like depression, high blood pressure, diabetes or high cholesterol problems.
The better you look after your self, the better your memory is likely to be.There are also excellent medicines for good memory.Review your medications with your doctor on a regular basis.

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