Want your iPhone to stay put on a particular app? Need a quick and easy iPhone parental control app? Here’s how to make sure your current app stays front and center.

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Do you ever swipe the wrong way, touch the wrong part of the screen, or press the wrong button when you’re using your favorite iPhone app?

Maybe your child loves to watch YouTube videos on your iPhone, but you’d rather they not touch the Phone app or swipe through your emails.

If you’re all thumbs with your fingers when using your iPhone, or you want a quick and easy parental control app for iPhone, there is a solution on iOS called Guided Access.

What Is Guided Access on iPhone?

Available through your phone’s Accessibility settings, Guided Access disables all taps, gestures, button presses, and other activity on your iPhone outside of those needed for your current app. So you can swipe, gesture, and tap icons within whatever app is on the screen, but any accidental taps, gestures, or button presses won’t affect or interfere with the app.

After you enable Guided Access, just triple-press the side button to turn it on and triple-press to turn it off. Guided Access is a handy way to keep you, your kids, and your iPhone focused on a single app. Let’s go through the steps needed to enable this valuable feature.