Learn all about Google Drive

Creating new files

You can create files on google drive. Types of file that you can create on Google Drive are:






The process of creating all types of files is the same.

How To create a new file:

1. From Google Drive, locate and select the New button, then choose the type of file you want to create. In this example, we’ll select Google Docs to create a new document.

2. A new file will appear in a new tab on the browser. Select the untitled document in the upper left corner.

3. The Rename dialog box will appear. Write a name for your file, then click OK.

4. A file will be renamed. The file can be accessed any time from your Google Drive. Just double-click to open the file again.

You will see that there is no Save button for your files. It is because Google Drive uses autosave, which automatically saves files as you edit them.

Using templates

template is a pre-designed file. You can use a template to create new documents quickly. Templates often include custom formatting and designs, n this way they can save you a lot of time and effort when starting a new project. You could use a template to create a resume or newsletter quickly.

To use an official Google template:

1. Go to the template gallery.

2. Choose the template you want to use.

3. The new file will be created. (with the chosen template). Now customize the file with your information.

Uploading files

It is very easy to upload files from your computer to Google Drive.

To upload a file:

1. Locate the New button then select file Upload.

2. The file will be then uploaded to your Google Drive.

Converting files to Google Docs format

When you upload certain types of files—such as Microsoft Office files or PDF documents—you’ll only be able to view those files. If you want to edit these types of files in Google Drive, you’ll need to convert them to Google Docs format.

To convert a file:

  1. navigate and double-click the file you want to edit.
  2. A preview of the file will appear. Select Open at the top of the screen.
  3. The file will be converted to a Google document and appear in a new tab.
  4. If you go back to your Google Drive, you’ll see that there are now two copies of the file: the original file and the new version in Google Docs format.

You can set Google Drive to convert your files automatically when you upload them. Click the gear icon, select Settings, then check the box next to Convert uploads.