It’s long been rumored that Apple will release a larger “iPhone X Plus” model this fall, but we may have just gotten our best confirmation yet of the new device: a leaked icon found in Apple’s own firmware that seems to shows off the new phone. The image was discovered by notable Apple firmware reverse-engineer Guilherme Rambo, along with another leaked icon for the bezel-less iPad that first leaked through the latest iOS 12 beta earlier this week.

Rambo notes that the icons are all early and unfinished, so don’t necessarily take them as a definite indication of what the new devices will look like. Additionally, Rambo commented in a later tweet that the iPad icon in question is rendered as a square to be easily adjustable for both sizes, so don’t get your hopes up for a square iPad just yet.

This isn’t the first time Apple has accidentally leaked an iPhone design through a firmware icon, either: the iPhone X experienced the same thing (discovered, coincidentally, by Rambo as well) last summer.