Aru you planning for a world tour? Want To learn the languages of different countries

Come out of this thinking that Google Translate is the only key who understands you.Some apps can do your work more quickly for you in just a few minutes on your phone.


This app is best for busy people who have no time to sit for long and learn.It just needs a practice of 10 to 15 minutes of lessons.Especially it has the option to pick the topics of user interest like business or travel.Get it here


This mobile learning technology can teach you up to two million words and phrases.A pro subscription will give you an extra set of games, chatbots, and especially offline mode.Its starting price is $8.99.Take a look at here.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is best for those people who want to learn the language in easy way possible.However, it is an expensive app as compared to other communication apps.Most of all it is an award-winning program which is supported by many users.So give it a try.

Hello Talk

With this learning language app, one can speak directly with a native of that location.So, one can practice their speaking skills with videos and voice calls.,This app is best because it is very user-friendly.Check it out here.


This app is best for those who move a lot. Whether driving for pleasure or business, this app is accessible and available to teach.Most of all the best feature is that you can download your lessons and access them offline. There are special offers for premium memberships which unlock more features here starting at 5.99$.


This app is the very popular.It gives you a collection of quizzes and games in an attractive interface.Take a look at it here.

Hence you can try from the above apps according to your desire.