Laer pronounced layer is a Bluetooth enabled laptop sleeve.It is created to simplify your life.One compact disc takes the place of all chargers, adapters, and cables.It has portable batteries.It is ideal for travel and working on the go.This device is designed by London based company name “ARROE.”It protects and charges your laptop.It collaborates with all the great laptops, for example, Acer, Samsung, Toshiba, Dell, Lenovo, Surface, Asus, and HP.It is best for everyone.


1. DC charging for PC

2.USB-C Power Delivery

3.USB Quick Charge

4.QI wireless charging

5.Switchable battery capacity

6.Adapters for all countries

7.Controlled via app

8.Tracking with TrackR

9.Bluetooth enabled

10.Works with Surface

11.Works with MagSafe

12.Charge on the Go


It is greatly designed.You can carry it to meetings or on the road.It does not just charge your devices, but it takes all your devices as well.

Laer Uses

1.When you are on the go, Instead of packing chargers, or power banks just take it with you.So no need to worry about different charging devices.

2.When charging your device, You can charge all your devices through one socket.So you don’t need to worry about different charging equipment.

3.During meetings, You can charge your devices inside your bag while you are attending a meeting or you are on the go.

4.At morning when you are going out for work just take it with you.

LAER Sling Bag 

Laer sling bag is specially designed to take your Laer case.It wirelessly charges your phone in the first pocket next to the QI wireless charging pad.There is also a back pocket for connectors.It has luggage strap for carrying.

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