Building a modern distributed application can be a tough problem to tackle, especially for new users. They have to learn how to program and then learn the syntax for all of the tools necessary, which is often different.

Kubernetes cofounder Brendan Burns introduced a new programming framework today to give programmers the tools to create their own distributed applications by writing in the language they’re used to. It’s called Metaparticle, and it’s designed to handle the complexity of performing tasks like packaging apps in software containers, replicating them, sharing them, synchronizing their work, and more.

In Burns’ view, this is the future of programming, since developers only have to learn one language and can work on the heavy lifting of creating distributed applications without having to learn the arcana of projects like Kubernetes. Instead of having people write their own bespoke configurations for systems, Metaparticle reuses primitives that are broadly applicable across many tasks.

“To this point, the construction of distributed systems has been artisanal, at best,” Burns said. “There’s a lot of leather and copper and hand weaving that’s going on as we build distributed systems. And I think at some level, as craftspeople, we like that. We like to feel important. We need to be in the business of mass production. It’s the only way we will scale to the number of systems that need to be built, and the only way, honestly, that we will build reliable systems.”

Burns showed a live demo of Metaparticle running a basic JavaScript application across four different container…

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