Kasten is a new startup that emerged from stealth today aiming to help companies better manage their data in an era of containerized applications.

While software containers are great at providing a portable, isolated, and lightweight execution environment for applications, they’re not as good at working natively with applications that need to maintain an internal state. Kasten’s software, K10, helps with this by tracking data on a per-container level and allowing customers to set up rules for how it should be managed.

K10 should help fix several of the key problems with managing data with containerized applications, including compliance monitoring, backup, and migration.

For example, customers using Kasten’s K10 software could save a record of a multi-container application, including all of the associated data, then migrate it to another environment managed by Kubernetes (an open source system for orchestrating multi-container applications) with a few clicks.

The management interface in K10 is rules-based, so the company’s goal is to have operations professionals set up patterns that Kasten’s software will automatically follow. That way, ensuring that data is managed the way a company wants it to be should be automatic, rather than a manual process requiring the intervention of engineers.

Furthermore, it’s a system that should help ensure compliance in complex software systems that might otherwise be difficult for security and operations officers to examine. They can set up rules that apply to all of the containerized applications under K10’s care, so that they don’t have to worry…

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