According to a survey from the American Psychological Association, more than one-third of American workers have job stress.Due to this pressure, American businesses are having a great loss.This stress not only affect your business life  but also your home life

This article is all about managing job stress.

Step 1: Release body stress:

In today’s life, we spent a lot of time engaging our body.As stress is a physical and hormonal chain reaction.The first step to live a stress-free life is in what you eat, how you move and how much sleep you are taking.Following are the tips for removing job  stress on a physical level.

1. Eat whole foods.

Whole food is very good for your health as compared to processed foods.Process foods can make you feel lazy and worried.We can avoid these symptoms by eating whole foods, eating more fruits and vegetables especially green color vegetables.Nourished body let you do your work more efficiently.

2. Exercise regularly.

Anytime you feel stressed.Get up and exercise.Exercise could be a walk, run or stretch body.Exercise freshes your mind and make you active.It helps a lot in reducing job stress.Deep breaths can help a lot in reducing stress as well.

3. Take Enough sleep.

Take good eight hours sleep at night.Sleeping enough can help you solving stress problems when you will take a good sleep you will get up fresh in the morning.And you will be able to do your work more quickly and efficiently.

Step 2: De-Stress Your Mind

Stress is the response to all the external factors. The stress response is a function of our automatic nervous system’s flight.Stress is a thought or belief that we are in danger.Stress starts in our minds through a thought or belief.

1. Be Grateful

Things may go wrong in our life.We can still be grateful by not always thinking of negative things happening in our life.Instead, think of all the right things and blessings you have in your life.Daily write down things you are grateful for.Count your

An excellent writer Dale Carnegie says:”Count your blessings, not troubles.”

2. Practice meditation.

Daily meditation is the key to destroy job stress.Even if, it is for five minutes.So next time if you get stressed.Shake out your body sit back and meditate for few minutes.

3. Learn to say “no.”

Over working can lead you to stress.The greatest tip of relieving stress is practicing to say “NO.”You can tell politely to others that you already have a lot of work.You can tell your boss”no” as well.Just explain him very politely that one more work will lower the quality of your job.

Step 3: Take time for healthy activities

My favorite stress-relieving tips for your use:

1. Schedule quality social time.

When we are working too much.We can find ourselves disconnected from our relationships.Every week, take some time with your loved ones to just be together.Have fun with them.During this period try not to talk about work or use mobile phones.

2. Get creative.

Remember as a kid, when you were doing crafts.Creativity could be any thing from writing, cooking lunch or painting.It helps a lot in reducing work stress.

3. Get spiritual.

Connecting with your spiritual roots via prayer or other ritual meditation is an excellent way to relieve stress pressure.Prayers help a lot in reducing stress.

We cannot remove stress from the workplace. It is a reality of today’s life. We can lower our stress by doing these little things in our life.  Everone l deserve to live a happy, healthy, cheerful and contented life. It’s never too late.So start following these cool tips in your life and feel the difference.

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