Have you seen Star Wars: The Last Jedi? Did you feel like there was something … missing? Was that something Jar Jar Binks? If your answer is yes — and even if your answer is no — indie developer James Earl Cox III has you covered with his Jar Jar Jam game event. It’s a deliberately “bad” game jam that will run on the indie game platform Game Jolt from December 25 to January 1. It’s free to participate and developers can use any tools they want for any platform they want.

Cox has run 35 game jams so far on the site, and a few have been what he calls Bad Media Jams. His first was Garfjam in 2014, an event themed around the infinitely meme-d orange cat Garfield. Other Bad Media Jams have taken inspiration from Tommy Wiseau’s cult classic spoon-fest The Room and the Minions from Despicable Me.

Though the idea of creating so-called bad games is funny, that’s not the only goal Cox is trying to accomplish. Five years ago, he set a personal milestone to create 100 games. He succeeded, thanks in part to the many game jams he participated in. But he noticed that a number of his friends were still nervous about participating in such events because they were worried they’d make a “bad” game.

“If game jams themselves weren’t freeing enough to make a game, I thought, ‘What if the game jam itself is so bad, you can’t make a good game?’” said Cox in an email to GamesBeat. “I figured it could be a relief for participants if there was no outcome of the jam besides a bad game.”

The Jar Jar Jam already has inspired a game, though it can’t be officially counted as an entry…