You’ve probably spent a lot of time keeping track of your plants and all the minor details, like the coloration of the leaves, in order to make sure they’re healthy — but for professional growers in greenhouses, this means keeping track of thousands of plants all at once.

That can get out of hand really quickly as it could involve just walking through a greenhouse with an iPad and checking off the health of each plant, and it means that a lot of things can fall through the cracks. And that’s not really a judgment on the professional abilities of the grower, but rather just the scale of the system that those growers have to deal with — and the lack of technology to support it, iUNU CEO Adam Greenberg said. So that’s why his startup, iUNU, is introducing a new system to try and help that.

iUNU’s Luna camera network works with a rail system with automated cameras that keep track of plants and how they are changing over time. So rather than having to do a daily crop walk, which could take hours, the growers can quickly have a set of cameras run across the plants and get a visual snapshot of those plants’ health. That information then feeds into a computer vision system on the company’s back-end, which applies machine learning to detect potential problems (like leaf discoloration) and helps those growers zero in on the areas that they actually need to address.

“While we’re doing something that seems really broad or really simple, it’s a derivative of highly granular HD sensors and repurposing facial recognition for plant recognition in a way that there’s a lot of highly…

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