Investments in private sector technology will continue to increase in Brazil this year, according to research.

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Of the 1,500 IT decision makers in medium and large-sized organizations polled by Brazilian analyst firm IT4CIO, 51 percent said their budgets will increase this year, while 23 percent will see a decrease.

It is expected there will be a 5 percent increase in technology budgets overall in 2018, the study says.

By comparison, IT budgets in Brazil saw a 3.1 percent overall increase in 2017, slightly over the inflation rate projected for the year, of 2.8 percent. According to the research, now in its thirteenth year, this is due to the decrease of 2.1 percent seen in government IT budgets.

In 2018, projects related to IT automation, cloud computing, data analytics, information security, artificial intelligence and Internet of…