Instagram’s Latest Update

Sometimes, the best way to reply to someone else’s messages is through a video or picture of your own.Thursday on July 6, 2017, Instagram released the facility to respond to Instagram’s stories with video or image.In addition to writing a message.You can also reply with the picture or video. You can even move or resize a story image that you are replying to.After all, sending a  picture or videos is much easier than writing a thousand words.In today’s busy world, this feature is best as it saves the user time.This feature is interesting as well.

To get this new feature, Just click the new camera tab when watching an Instagram story.  One can use creative camera tools like face filters, stickers, and Rewind. Your reply will also include a sticker of the original story or video that you can move around and resize.

If you are the receiver of such response, Instagram inbox will show photos or videos.If, you click on it. It shows original story sticker and the response. Same is the case with Instagram’s  videos and pictures.Your buddy will get alert when you have taken a screenshot or replied to him or her.

It is not breaking update. However, it can play the major role in Instagram’s  progress.Snapchat is a test case study. An analysis study to find if users like to send and receive pictures with their buddies.

Instagram stories are one of the Instagram hottest features.It has about 20 million daily users.

Instagram version 10.28 has both photo and videos replies.

Instagram reported’This update is one of the ways we are working to make the Instagram the great fun place.


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