Many people ask that does deactivated plugins slowing down WordPress and whether they should delete inactive plugins. In this post, we will reply to that question that does deactivated plugins slow down WordPress and whether its ok to delete inactive plugins?

Inactive WordPress plugins?

The cool thing that  WordPress has is that you can extend it by using WordPress plugins. When you install a WordPress plugin, WordPress also downloads the plugin file to your web hosting server.

To start using a plugin, you will have to activate that plugin.

inactive plugins

You can install plugins and activate them later when you need them. You can also deactivate a plugin that you do not need anymore. All installed plugins can be seen on the plugins page in WordPress admin area.

inactive plugins

Active plugins are highlighted in blue color, and inactive plugins show a delete link below the inactive plugin.

Inactive Plugins Slowdown WordPress?

Inactive plugins do not slow down WordPress speed.

How WordPress works behind the scenes.

Every time a visitor requests a page from your WordPress site, WordPress begins a loading process. During this procedure, it only loads active plugins installed on your website. All inactive plugins are thoroughly ignored and are not if you at all.

So, if you have dozens of nonactive plugins installed on your blog, it would not affect the performance of your site at all.

The only place where WordPress looks for the inactive plugins on your site is the ‘Plugins’ page itself. Even then, it just searches for plugin’s header file and does not load the plugins themselves.

If your WordPress site is slow, then deactivated plugins are not the reason.

Should I Delete Inactive Plugins in WordPress?

The reason why WordPress allows you to deactivate plugins instead of directly deleting them is that sometimes you may want to switch off a plugin temporarily only.

If you plan to use that plugin, and you think that deleting the plugin will also delete plugin settings, then you should keep it.

Otherwise, there is no reason for keeping the non-active plugins installed on your blog. However, they might become problematic at times.

For example, if you are using or not using that plugin, WordPress will still show you updates for those plugins. This can be a bit irritating must delete if you have many regularly updated plugins installed on your site.

Nonactive plugins can be harmless, but they are still executable files. In case of a hacking attempt, these files can get infected or can be used to install malware on your site. For safety precautions, you must delete any inactive plugins that you do not have to use in future.

I hope after reading that post, you got the answer to your question.

Inactive Plugins Slow Down WordPress? Should You Delete Inactive Plugins?