There are alot of images editing software packages for Windows 10. However, you may not require any for basic editing. Instead, see some of the tools that are already included in Windows 10. Paint has been the primary image-editing accessory in Windows for a while, Now Microsoft has also added a new Photos application to Win 10 that expands the platform’s editing tools.

Images Editing  In Paint:

Paint is not an alternative to Adobe Photoshop at all, but it can still come in handy for basic images editing. Write ‘Paint’ into the Cortana search box to open its window. The Paint window has a ribbon UI with File, Home, and View tabs. The File tab includes the SaveOpen and Print options, and View has display and zoom settings. All Paint’s editing options can be selected from the Home tab.

images editing

Paint can come in handy for the resizing of photos.Open an image to edit by clicking the file tab and open.Then hit the resize button on Home tab to open the windows shown below:

images editing

Tap the percentage radio button to edit dimensions of images. Then you can edit the image’s dimensions in percentage terms. For example, to reduce the photo by 60%, enter ‘60’ into the Horizontal and Vertical text boxes and hit OK. That will cut the picture down, and to double its dimensions; you would enter ‘200’ in the Horizontal boxes.

Cropping is one of the essential images editing tools.Paint has the crop option too. With that tool, one can cut out a selected area of the image. First, tap the Select button on the Home tab and hit Rectangular selection. Then you can drag a rectangle over an area of the image by holding left mouse button as shown below in the picture

This is the area of the image remained when you crop it. So the cropping option effectively cuts out everything that is outside the rectangle selection. When a choice is made, hit Crop to cut out the rest of the image.

Paint also has a Free-form selection choice that you can choose to highlight cropping areas without rectangles. Hit the Select button and tap Free-form selection from the menu. Then you can draw a shape on the image to highlight the area to remain, and hit Crop to cut out the rest of the photo.

If you want to switch a landscape photo to portrait, hit the Rotate button. Select Rotate left 90 to switch it a portrait. You can also select Rotate 180 that effectively turns the image on its head.

Hit the Text button to add text to an image. Drag a rectangle over the photo to expand a text box and open a new tab. Now you can type anything into the text box. You can select font options from the Text tab as well.


If you have a picture with a basic background color, it can be quickly adjusted with the Fill with the color option on the Home tab. Choose that option, hit the Color 1 button and choose a replacement color from the palette. Then move the paint bucket cursor over the background color area and left-hit to switch it to the color selected from the palette.

Images Editing With The Photos App:

Windows 10 has a new Photos app that has extra few extra options that are not available in Paint. For example, it has a variety of filters, lighting and color options. It also includes many additional effects to add to photos. So we can say that  Photos has a slightly more extensive image-editing toolset than Paint.

The Photos app should be on the Start menu. But if you can’t find it there, type ‘Photos’ in the Cortana search box to open the window.

images editing

Select a photo to edit by clicking its thumbnail preview and selecting the Edit button. That will open the applications photo-editing options in the shot below. It will begin with Basic Fixes selected on the left, which has the Crop and Rotate options included in Paint.

images editing

One handy option you can choose is Enhance. It is quick fix option that makes some good editing for photos.

The Straighten option is also good if your photos are not entirely straight. Choose Straighten and then rotate the circle around a circular bar to adjust the angle of the image. After that click anywhere on the image to apply the editing.


The Windows 10 Photos app includes following editing tools:

Temperature: It affects the overall tone of the photo by making it appear warmer or colder.

Tint: fixes color cast by adding or removing green hues.

Saturation: increases or decreases the vividness of all the colors in your image.

Color Boost targets one color and intensifies.

Follow these steps for the editing of the picture:

1.Open the image.

2.Hit the Edit icon on the top menu bar.

3.Select Color on the left side. The first three tools on the right are operated the same way. When you click on the icon, it will turn into a wheel with a white indicator knob. Click and drag the knob around to adjust the setting.

images editing

4Lets see what Color Boost tool doesHit the color boost icon on the bottom right of the window.Drag the color selector onto your photo.When you drop the selector on the image, the icon on the right will turn into a wheel.

images editing

5.After editing the image.It’s time to save.Photo app has two options for saving which is to save a copy or replace.Save it according to your choice.

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