Look, I don’t want to talk about this any more than you do. I didn’t want this to be true. I wanted this to work out; I thought this was the platform that could be The One to make it with us for the long haul. But it’s time to get real. It’s not working out. Instagram kind of sucks now. And it’s not Instagram, it’s not us, it’s an outside force that is tearing us apart. That home-wrecker is Stories.

In a time when social media seems full of negativity and soul-crushing content, Instagram has remained, for lots of people, the one haven that’s enjoyable.

In the eyes of many, Facebook (yes, I know Facebook owns Instagram but let’s set that aside for a second) has morphed into an evil data harvester platform that isn’t fun anyway because none of your friends under age 50 actually post there. Twitter can be fun, but fun like sipping rosé on an inflatable swan in an infinity pool of radioactive waste. Instagram felt like a beautiful escape.

But lately — and I am sure I am not alone here — Instagram has changed. Scrolling through vacation pics and cute dogs is no longer the serene, happy refuge that it used to be. Admit it: You feel differently.

In my experience, the problem is that as Stories has exploded in popularity, people — at the very least, my friends and the celebrities I follow — seem to be posting to the regular photo feed less often. While they’re posting Stories daily, they’re only sharing a photo to the feed a few times a week. Our feeds have grown stale and are littered with ads and celebrities and influencers: people who are still posting…