IBM today announced a strategic partnership with Scholastic and Edmodo that will integrate the two companies’ technologies with IBM’s Watson Education platform.

Scholastic said that it’ll make available media, articles, and nonfiction content from its Scholastic Go and ScienceFlix libraries in IBM’s Watson Education, which will use machine learning to cater recommendations to individual students’ abilities and curricular needs.

Edmodo, for its part, will contribute to the development of a tool that’ll use its AskMo search engine and IBM Watson Classroom’s Cognitive Library — a collection of textbooks, test questions, and lesson plans hosted in the cloud — to recommend educational content and resources aligned with students’ grade levels, ages, and interests.

Above: Content from Scholastic’s catalog with metadata and teacher ratings.

“It [will] help teachers to know where students are in their learning progression,” Chalapathy Neti, vice president of IBM Watson Education, told VentureBeat, “and recommend a piece of learning content that is suited to different learning styles … and preferences. It answers the question, ‘How do I optimize a piece of learning content that teaches a learning objective?’”

IBM says it’ll leverage the Cognitive Library to improve content tagging. And in the coming weeks, teachers who use Edmodo will be able to tap Watson Tutor — a system that uses natural language processing to guide students through review sessions — to assign topic-specific quiz questions.

“Our goal is to create augmented intelligence that’s of value to…