Source: IBM

In the latest twist to the “data warehouse in a box” saga, IBM is taking the wraps off its Cloud Private for Data (a.k.a., ICP for Data) offering that it first announced back in March at Think. IBM promises in the new release to offer a private cloud platform that goes well beyond data warehousing to support advanced data science and data engineering as well. It will be available as software on an IBM turnkey product and through clusters running natively on Red Hat OpenShift container application platform as well. The latter is key to connecting to the IBM WebSphere installed base — they don’t have to buy a separate cluster to take advantage of the new capabilities.

ICP for Data blends and reengineers a mix of IBM tools and platforms into a cloud-native container and microservices architecture that runs with Kubernetes orchestration. It’s safe to say that ICP for Data is cloud buzzword-compliant.

It will tie in multiple data stores including the well-known Db2, which offers the data warehouse. But it also includes IBM Db2 Event Store, a recently-introduced platform that is designed for extremely high ingest of event data — this will be especially useful for connecting to IoT devices and aggregators at the edge. And at launch, it will also support bundling and integration of several popular third party open source databases including MongoDB and EnterpriseDB.

It encompasses capabilities drawn from IBM’s data management and analytics product portfolio, plus new cloud-oriented governance and data science capabilities. For data…