IBM today announced two new ways for developers to quickly get things done, with the launch of code patterns and IBM Bot Asset Exchange.

Code patterns were made for quickly launching projects in areas like AI, blockchain, and cloud computing. Each package comes with a one-click GitHub repository, documentation, and a collection of resources to get the job done. More than 120 code patterns are available at launch.

The IBM Bot Asset Exchange is a place for third-party developers to share and build upon bots powered by IBM Watson Conversation Service. The exchange launches with more than 60 conversational interfaces in categories like banking and finance, health and fitness, enterprise, retail, and productivity. It makes it possible to quickly deploy the backend logic necessary to create conversational interfaces, like chatbots for popular messaging apps or voice apps for Amazon’s Alexa.

IBM Watson product manager Anamita Guha created the Bot Asset Exchange. More ways for developers to communicate directly with one another to discuss their enterprise bots may be added soon.

“We got a lot of feedback [in private beta] that users are interested in speaking to users that have uploaded a bot to provide feedback and build on something someone else has uploaded. So one of the things that I’m considering and really hoping to amplify post-launch is to really increase the community effort and then build a lot of users.”

Also launching today is the IBM Coder Community, a free resource for anyone to get guidance and instructions on how to carry out projects and build things. IBM Bot Asset Exchange…

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