HyperX has plenty of options for gaming headsets, and its latest offering is the Cloud Alpha. It is available now for $100, and it acts as the followup to HyperX’s Cloud II.

The big upgrade here is dual-chamber system for its sound drivers that enables the high and mid tones to reverberate in a separate sound compartment from the bass. HyperX claims this design provides distinct audio with less frequent distortion.

And from my experience, it works.

What you’ll like

Dual-chamber sound

Whether I was testing the Cloud Alpha on a console through a controller, on a PC through an amplifier, or on a phone through a USB-C adapter, the Cloud Alpha always produced bright, full audio. In games, music, and movies, it drove heavy bass without ever overwhelming or eating the mids and highs.

The only issue I noticed is that sudden bursts of high-frequency sounds could experience slight distortion, but it only ever happened for a fleeting moment.

It also has a really high-quality microphone that should ensure everyone can understand you on Discord and Teamspeak.

Comfy, lightweight fit

When I go a while without using a HyperX headset, I’m startled at just how comfortable they are. The Cloud Alpha is no different.

It is feather light. It distributes its hold on your head evenly across the arc of its body, and it doesn’t bounce out of place. That’s surprising consider the Cloud Alpha doesn’t squeeze my head, which is something I don’t mind, but I can see most people preferring the Alpha because you could wear it for hours without any issues.

What you won’t like

Some sacrificed features

The Cloud Alpha…