HP launched its device-as-a-service (DaaS) business in mid-2016, allowing customers to lease computers rather than buy them outright. And now it is expanding its offering of machines, adding Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and iPod for the first time.

HP is also adding HP Z4 Workstations and HP Windows Mixed Reality VR headsets to its DaaS offering, which means your employees can use the devices as they wish by paying a monthly fee. HP officials have said this offering is key to the future of their computing business.

Under the program, HP’s customers can use their personal computers like a utility, where they pay a monthly fee per seat over a three- or four-year period. They get custom service and support from HP, such as PC configuration, software updates, repair, data migration, and the ability to upgrade to the latest HP computers for the next contract period.

“We are expanding our HP device-as-a-service offering to drive more increased user productivity and IT efficiency for businesses looking to empower the employees while managing complex fleets in a more efficient manner globally,” said Michael Park, vice president and general manager of emerging compute solutions at HP, in a press briefing.

Above: HP device-as-a-service is targeting people who want more flexibility at work.

Image Credit: HP

HP is also adding better predictive analytics capabilities and endpoint management with HP service experts. It is also launching the HP Tech Café Market Enhanced offering for improved instant access to accessories and device swaps.

“The challenge facing companies today is there is a lot…