• Open the Touch Keyboard

    Fire up your tablet or hybrid device. Open an application in which you want to type text. Tap on the System Tray icon for the Touch keyboard.
  • Using the Keyboard

    The standard keys for lowercase letters are clearly accessible, so those are easy enough to tap, but what about numbers and other characters? To access a number with the standard Touch keyboard, hold down the key that corresponds to the number you want to type. From the pop-up display, tap on the number.

  • Alternate Keyboard

    Alternatively, tap on the &123 key in the lower corner to display a keyboard layout with a dedicated number pad and then tap the number you want. Here, you can also access special characters, such as slashes, a dash, an underscore, parentheses, colon, semicolon, and arithmetic symbols.
    To see more characters, tap on the button with the right arrow enclosed in a circle. Now you can access a greater than sign, less than sign, brackets, and more. Tap the abc icon to return to the alphanumeric layout.

  • Capital Letters

    To snag an uppercase letter, tap once on the Shift key. To stay in Caps Lock mode, tap twice on the Shift key. Tap on Shift to segue back to lowercase mode.

  • Predictive Typing

    Notice that as you type, the keyboard offers predictive suggestions. If one of those words is the one you want, just tap on it to insert it.

  • Moving the Cursor

    Now, maybe you want to move your cursor to edit some text or fix a mistake. Tap on the left arrow in the lower-right corner to move left; the right arrow to move right. Of course, you can also tap on a…

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