• Main Snap Screen

    More than other social apps, Snapchat’s outward simplicity hides a treasure trove of hidden complexity. When you first open the app, you come directly to the recording screen. At the bottom are three icons to take you to different parts of the app: the Chat tab on the left, the Memories icon right below the record button, and the Discover tab on the bottom right. At the top of the screen are icons to go to your profile, search the app, turn flash on and off, or switch to the front-facing camera.

  • Recording Snaps

    Recording snaps is the easy part. Tap the large clear button once to take a photo, or hold it down to start recording a video. The button will turn red and a ring will begin to form around it indicating how long your video is. You can record with the main camera or use the top-right button to flip to the front-facing camera.

  • Take Multiple Snaps

    As long as you keep holding down the record button, Snapchat will keep snapping. Each video snap is 10 seconds long, so your videos will show up as small cards to indicate how many snaps you’ve just recorded before you start editing and sharing.

  • Geofilters

    Once you’ve got a recorded photo or video, you can swipe left or right to check out all the available geofilters. Usually you’ll find a few different tints and shades if your snap is too bright or dark, location filters depending on where you are, a few themed filter options if there’s an event or holiday, some animated filter options, and a couple sponsored filters. This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to customizing snaps, but…

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