• Open Safari

    First, let’s check out what you can do in the app itself. Open Safari and surf to a webpage. Swipe down so you’re at the very top of the page.

  • Open a New Tab

    Tap on the + sign to open a new tab and surf to another site. You can continue to open more sites this way. Tap on a tab to open that site and then tap on the X if you wish to close it.

  • View All Tabs

    Tap on the icon with the two squares to see all your open tabs on one screen. Tap on the X for any tabbed page you want to close. Those pages disappear from the screen.

  • Private Browsing

    Tap the two squares again and select Private to open a site in Private Browsing mode. In Private mode, Safari won’t keep track of the sites you visit, your search history, or the AutoFill information you enter at webpages. To exist Private mode, tap the double squares > Private > Done.

  • Bookmark Page

    Want to bookmark your current page? Tap on the Share icon and select Add Bookmark or Add to Favorites.

  • Edit Bookmark

    You can change the name of the Bookmark if you wish. Tap on Save to store it.

  • View Bookmarks

    To see your bookmarks, tap the Bookmarks icon and then the open book icon.

  • View History

    From the Bookmarks menu, you can also access your history list. Tap on the Clock icon to see the pages you’ve recently accessed. Tap on the Bookmarks icon to close the menu.

  • Read Offline

    You can save a webpage to read it offline. At the page you want to save, tap on the Share icon and then tap on Add to Reading List.

  • Reading List

    The first time you do this, Safari…

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