Do you desire to add animated GIF’s in WordPress blog posts?Often when you add animated GIF’s in WordPress, you don’t see the animation.It looks like a static image.This article will explain you step by step how to upload animated GIF’s in WordPress correctly.

Why Animated GIFs Become a Still Image in WordPress?

WordPress has a very easy to use media uploader.It lets you add images to your WordPress articles or pages.When, an image is uploaded in WordPress.It automatically makes few copies of that picture.These photographs are of different sizes.The WordPress image sizes are the thumbnail, medium and large.Original image size is also kept there.Full size is the original size of the image.When you do not upload a picture in full format, it will become static in WordPress.So always upload the image in its full size.

how to upload animated GIF’s in WordPress

The first step is to edit the post where you desire to put the animated GIF.Hit on the Add Media Button.

animated GIF's


When you, will click on add media button.WordPress media uploader will pop up.Now click on the upload files button.Find the animated GIF file from the computer to upload it.

After your, image is uploaded to your post.Choose the ‘full size’ which is located under the ‘Attachment Display Settings’ part on the right.


After selecting the image and editing it to full size.Click on the ‘Insert into post’ button to continue.

Your animated GIF will be inserted in the post editor.

You can see the animation right away in the visual editor.Save it and then preview to see the image.



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