We constantly review the latest password managers as they grow and evolve. Some update frequently, adding features like password inheritance and automated password change. Others can go years without an update. For example, about seven years elapsed between RoboForm version 6 and version 7, and another six to reach the thoroughly up-to-date RoboForm Everywhere version 8. If your password manager is mired in the past, you don’t have to be a stick-in-the-mud. Changing to a new password manager isn’t a walk in the park, but neither is it impossible. Here are two ways to make the switch from your old, tired password manager to a slick, powerful new one.

Method 1: Slow but Steady

Password managers are a companionable lot, not like antivirus tools. In most cases, two running at the same time don’t fight each other, as antivirus software tends to do. Just install the new one without removing the old one. Each time you visit a secure site, the old password manager fills in your credentials, and the new one slurps them up into its own collection. Simple!

Top-Rated Password Managers in Our Testing

If both tools pop up offering to fill your saved credentials, it probably means that you already migrated the site’s data to the new password manager. But look closely; it might be that you have more than one login for that site, perhaps home and work emails. In that case, I recommend logging in to transfer each of login for the site, so there’s no confusion.

Of course, you want to get all your passwords transferred, not just the ones you’ve used recently. One way to track progress is to delete each transferred…