Trade-in sites

If you’re looking for the littlest hassle and want your money as soon as possible, there are plenty of sites that will automate the trade-in process. You’ll select your device from a list, get a quote within a minute and send the device back for cash in a matter of days.


Gazelle is probably the best known, and can give you an estimate on a number of devices, mostly from Apple, but also newer phones from other manufacturers. If you’re rocking an older Android device, you’re out of luck, but iPhone users can enjoy the benefits of selling even an iPhone 5 if they desire, though the payout will be as little as $15. You’ll get a check within 10 days, or you can get paid even faster if you opt for PayPal or Amazon, with the latter site yielding an extra 3 percent.


Decluttr definitely lives up to its name. Not only can you sell phones from a number of manufacturers, including Apple, Samsung and HTC, but the site also takes lots of physical media, including CDs, DVDs, video games and books. It’ll even buy Legos by the pound! For devices, you’ll be asked for a general assessment of its condition, and given a quote immediately. The payout is definitely more generous than with the competition, with Decluttr offering $300 for a 64GB Pixel 2, as opposed $260 on Gazelle. Decluttr also reaches back a lot further with sales of the iPhone 4, though it’ll offer you only $7 for an 8GB model in good condition.


uSell operates as a broker, searching other sites for their best offers on a given device and taking care of the rest. Like most buyback…