Want to review what you’ve asked Amazon’s Alexa (and maybe delete your more embarrassing inquiries)? Here’s how.

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Amazon’s Alexa is intended to be a helpful digital home assistant, setting timers, telling you the weather, and buying items off Amazon for you, among other things.

Recently, however, a family in Portland, Oregon, had their conversation recorded by Alexa and sent to a random contact. Luckily, the discussion was innocuous; hardwood floors were on the agenda. But knowing that Alexa might glitch and let everyone in on the inane things you ask her is unnerving.

Amazon says this was an isolated incident; it suggested the family was not listening closely to Alexa and accidentally OK’d the message being sent (the family disputes this). But the fact remains that Alexa does record everything you say, commands that are all stored in the Alexa app. Want to review what you’ve asked Alexa (and maybe delete some of the more embarrassing inquiries)? Here’s how.