You can rename multiple files in one shot in File Explorer or Windows Explorer, but you may prefer to use a third-party utility.

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Here’s the dilemma: You’re stuck with dozens or hundreds of files in Windows that have meaningless or convoluted names. This typically happens with photos you shoot with your digital camera or smartphone. You want to rename all of those files so the names make sense and mean something. But you’d like to rename them all together, rather than one at a time. Well, you have a couple of options.

Windows itself lets you rename multiple files, but in this case each file is given the same name with just a number in parentheses attached to it. That’s fine. But you can do more through a third-party file renaming utility. These programs can tackle hundreds or thousands of files, changing the filename or extension to whatever you wish, allowing you to preview the rename before you execute it, and often giving you the ability to undo the rename should it go awry.