Can’t easily navigate through your browser bookmark list because it’s too long and jumbled? Here’s how to fix it on Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Edge.

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Have your browser bookmarks turned into a disorganized mess? The more webpages you save as bookmarks, the longer and more unmanageable your bookmark list can become, especially if you don’t store the pages in folders. But fear not. You can work with your current bookmarks to reorganize them and store each one in a logical spot. Whether you use Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, or Edge, you can get a handle on your bookmarks so they’re quicker and easier to access.

Let’s assume you’ve gathered lots of favorites or bookmarks over the years but haven’t organized them properly or even arranged them alphabetically. So searching for a specific bookmark can take awhile. Well, one helpful action you can take is to sort them.

Let’s start off by working with Google Chrome and then we can segue to the other browsers.