Do you desire to embed a Facebook video in WordPress?

With the current popularity of Facebook Live and Facebook videos program, several of our users asked if it was reasonable to embed Facebook videos in WordPress. In this article, we will show you whereby to easily embed a Facebook video and Facebook live video in WordPress.

How to embed Facebook video in WordPress

Why Add Facebook Videos in WordPress?

We inform our users that they should never upload videos to WordPress. Instead, we suggest using a video sharing site like YouTube.

While YouTube is currently the world’s biggest video hosting platform, Facebook is the most significant social channels, and their videos are growing fast.

Recently, Facebook started auto-play and Facebook live video features. Marketers all over the world are wondering about these features because they increase user engagement and overall reach.

You can further use Facebook videos to improve likes on your Facebook page. For a more immersive social practice, you can add Facebook page plugininstall Facebook comments, also add Facebook like a badge on your WordPress site.

Holding said the, let’s take a look at how to embed Facebook videos on a WordPress site.

Embedding Facebook Videos in WordPress

Initial, you need to locate the video that you want to embed on your WordPress site.

Next, you need the right click on the video name or date also then select copy link address.

Copy the Facebook video URL

Following that, you need to visit the Facebook embedded video player website plus scroll down to the code generator section.

You will require pasting the URL you copied earlier in the ‘URL of video’ field.

Facebook video embed code generator

Following, you need to click on the get code button which will bring up a popup revealing you two boxes of code.

Embed code generator

The first part of the code wants to go in your website’s header section. There are multiple steps to add this code to your site.

If you are satisfactory editing theme files, then you can add it to your theme or a child theme by merely editing the fileheader.php and paste it directly after the <body> tag.

Alternatively, you can install plus activate the Insert Headers and Footers plugin. For more specifications, see our step by step pattern on how to fix a WordPress plugin.

Upon activation, you want to go to the Settings » Insert Headers, and Footerspage in your WordPress admin also paste the code into the footer box. Click on the same key to store your changes.

Important: You only need to join the first part of the code once. Next moment you add a Facebook video, you will need to copy and paste the second part of the system.

Now return to the Facebook video embedder page also copy the second part of the code.

You can add the code in your WordPress posts, pages, or even a sidebar widget. When adding the system to your posts and pages, you need to make sure to switch to the Text editor. Otherwise, WordPress visual editor will mess up the code.

Switch to text editor to paste video embed code

You can now visit your website to view the Facebook video in action.

Facebook video embed preview

How to Embed Facebook Live Video in WordPress

You can embed the Facebook Live video just like you would insert a regular Facebook video. The only difference here is how to get the URL of your Facebook live video.

Facebook doesn’t allow you to get a URL for your live video before you go live. If you want to broadcast the Facebook Live video on your website simultaneously, then you will need first to go live.

Once you are living, right click on the date and select copy link address to get the live video URL.

Getting your Facebook Live video URL

Once you have the URL, you can go to the Facebook embedded video player website and paste the link into the ‘URL of video’ field.

Facebook Live video embed code generator

The video embed code dynamo will now fetch and display a preview of your Facebook live video. You want to click on the Get Code button to continue and follow the directions described above to add those codes to your website.

Once you have joined the Facebook live video code to your site, your users will be able to view the Facebook live video directly from your website as well as their Facebook feeds.

Facebook live video preview

We hope this article served you learn how to embed Facebook videos in WordPress. You may also need to see our guide on how to get more visitors to your new WordPress website.

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