Built-in video editing capabilities finally make a return to Windows—with a twist. It’s fun and effective, once you know how.

There’s been a five-year drought when it comes to included entry-level video editing in the last few versions of Windows. With Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, the drought is finally over—thanks to new capabilities in the updated Photos app.

Movie Maker formerly filled this role, but Microsoft last updated it in 2012 and stopped offering it entirely as of January 2017. Though many reviled it in its early versions, it was quite effective by the end, and at least the OS provided something for basic video editing. The lack of included video-editing software gave macOS, with its appealing iMovie, a leg up on Windows.

Of course, professionals and serious enthusiasts will want more, but the video capabilities in Windows 10’s Photos app will serve, and even delight, casual users who want to create something fun from their video clips. You can now join, trim, and rearrange clips; you can add background soundtrack music, and even apply some nifty effects and text titles.

Things you don’t get yet include voiceover recording, support for 360-degree video content, and much control over the export file. You do get impressive motion tracking and 3D overlay effects. Don’t forget, Windows is now a service, so every so often the app will be updated with new features.

Yes, Windows now has video-editing capabilities, but it still doesn’t have a standalone…

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