Here’s how to banish Google Maps and Apple Maps in favor of Waze, and use the built-in Waze voice recorder to get driving directions from your own voice.

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You have Waze. You use Waze. You love Waze. The Google-owned traffic app offers advantages over the standard, built-in navigation apps on your Android or iOS device, but it can be difficult to trigger unless you open the app directly.

When you ask for directions or click on a link to a location on an Android phone, Google Maps pops up. When you do the same on an iPhone, Apple Maps usually takes the wheel. You can change your default navigation app to Waze, though your results will vary based on how and where you trigger the driving directions.

On an Android device, you can ask for directions by speaking to Google Assistant or by clicking on an address in a browser, such as Chrome. You can change the default navigation to Waze if you go through Google Assistant for your directions. However, if you ask for directions or tap on a link in your browser, you may still be stuck with Google Maps, or just not receive an option to use Waze. So if you want to use the app, your best bet is to grab directions through Google Assistant.

On an iPhone, your options are more limited; Apple Maps wants to be in control. If you tap on a link in a browser, Google Maps will run internally, but you can change the default to Waze if you go through Google’s search app instead.

Once you’re behind the wheel, did you know you can get driving…